Fragmenty Orędzi

A-bomb, Nosko, mercy, sword, pestiferous air

The greatest weapon – the A-weapon, I tell you, this arsenal of weapons will not be used, for I will no longer call for mercy, but I will let down My sword upon the earth. That sword is famine, severe diseases for which they will not be able to find a cure. There will be pestiferous air so heavy that a quarter of mankind will die without war on earth.

money, prosperity, selfish, slandered, scandal

None of you are concerned with educating your children in the truth of God. You are chasing money, prosperity that will pass like morning. Each of you is selfish, egoistic. Nobody cares for an orphan, widow, bedridden, perpetually oppressed, unjustly slandered. You go indifferently to your personal affairs. Each of you misunderstands the truths of God for your comfort, causing scandal to young hearts with yourself.

May mothers become real mothers following the example of the Holy, Immaculate Mother. May there be no vanity and licentiousness in them, may they not succumb to drunkenness or smoking. May they leave male attire to men and return to the exemplary woman’s dress. May the girls be modest and quiet. May boys become pure sons of God.

(…) there will be a historic cataclysm that is hard to imagine. The sun will stop at some point, to run, after a second, like maddened at a very accelerated pace across the sky. This picture will be terrible for humans, unbearable. People will be losing their minds. The cause of these phenomena will be the knocking out of the globe from its axis-orbit. The atmosphere layer surrounding the earth will be broken. Terrifying darkness will fall. The bloody sun running on the horizon will be like a ghost. It will be a new phenomenon for humans.

And before those days there will be a continual hum of nations on earth, tumult, and cruelty. Also in the days leading up to the cataclysm there will be a man on earth called the man of providence. With his hands I am willing to unite all nations and bring them to the Father’s house. They will say about him: this one is from the work of the sun – „de labore solis”, which may mean that the sun and the earth will change their axis relation, the way they run.

I’ve rebuked you so many times and warned you through the words of the apostles, prophets and small, humble souls of God, who are neither saints nor prophets, with My pen and My letter to all the children of the earth. Do not mock that these are lying prophets, that this is the chatter of the underdeveloped, because these little souls are commanded by Me, Jesus Christ, the Son of eternal God, to proclaim what will happen. Remember that you have read My call, (…) that I’ve asked you, I’ve warned you. I know, that what it raises in you is laugh, disbelief, anger and disgust. You call these souls fools, because it is easier for you to say 'a fool’ than give up all evil intentions, habits, comforts, and possessions.

Perverse and foolish souls, full of falsehood, you have obeyed the evil spirit, given him the right to act in your hearts and minds, in your families and in your deeds. Oh, stupid, stupid you. Oh, you lazy people of heavy mind and heart. The evil spirit tries to deceive you, destroy you.

Oh, yes, your television is the fetters of an evil spirit imposed on you, they chain your mind and heart. They corrupt juveniles and lead them away from the right path. They mislead the elders and feed them with falsehood. Your stadiums are filled with young people with feral faces and hearts. And you say: we have no time for prayer, for even a short conversation with My God, the Father.

I tell you, as I walk on the earth, I see crowds of people with the faces of wild animals. These people have lost their meaning in life, they strayed from God’s path (…)

Before the great gathering of nations to be held at the Euphrates and Tigris rivers for the great battle of the victory of the Holy Spirit, Satan, who reigns over the earth in the form of all evil, will perish completely and will not be able to stand up and falsely accuse the innocent. The scales of God’s justice will be placed in the capital city of Jerusalem.

Whole families will be killed by hunger, frost, poverty and disease. The seas will be shaken by great winds, everywhere will be heard moans, screams. There will be murders and attacks of wild groups of young people everywhere mixed with Satans, stirred up by Satan. The slaughter will be great, blood will flow in gutters. Dead bodies will lie in the streets. Darkness will flood minds and hearts.

Germany will be completely lost for its arrogance and haughtiness, France will be partially destroyed, governments will change quickly in France, there will be hunger and fires, fire will consume whatever is still there. Italy will experience a great revolution that will bring great hunger, defeat, and the whole country will be destroyed and left in ruins.

England, devastated, damaged, destroyed

England will be completely drowned in water, in darkness, in great fog. There will be fights, cruelty, it will be torn and harassed by neighboring peoples, possessed by an evil spirit. In fratricidal struggle, the country will devastate itself, burn and destroy the possessions it has gained over the centuries.

Russia, Germany, die

Russia will die, like Germany, in one day, it will not even say: ah!

Europe, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland

Ashes will arise and gray smoke will sweep over all of Europe. Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania will suffer less. These nations will turn to God and will seek support in Poland.

Poland, victorious

Your land, Poland, will emerge victorious from this confusion, peoples, who will have still remained anywhere, will come from all sides to seek help, here in Poland.

The Netherlands, flood, losses

The Netherlands will suffer heavy losses and will be partially flooded.

Switzerland, die

Switzerland will die.

Sweden, erased

Sweden will be partially erased from the map of Europe.

Denmark, flooded

Denmark and other coastal states will partially die, they will find themselves under the waters.


I tell you about Szczecin: it will stand, despite all the crimes and sins it carries on itself.

Americas, South America, destroyed, plundered, starving people

Both Americas will be split open like fragile saucers. Some cities will be wiped off the ground in both Americas. South America will be partially destroyed. It will be plundered by furious bands, starving peoples.

USA, oceans, wiped off

The States will be flooded and destroyed by masses of ocean waters that will wipe them off the surface of the earth.

Poland, Rosary

I wish to raise your nation high. Wait in calming of your hearts, in the Rosary Prayer. Stay awake at night! Love your enemies! Don’t shed brotherly blood! I will come to take over the Kingdom, to be a Father and a Just Judge for you. I tell you, these are the days that are coming!

Asia, battle, Europe

After lightning and thunder, the peoples of Asia will set off in a great march to battle the peoples of Europe. Accidents will go on like lightning.

Stay awake at night! Love your enemies! Don’t shed brotherly blood! I will come to take over the Kingdom, to be a Father and a Just Judge for you.

reckoning, cry, confusion

These days are the days of reckoning of the matters of the human soul. Whoever can understand, let them understand, whoever does not want to understand, let them not understand. This time, the present time, is the great cry of the nations. There is rebellion and confusion all over the world. Can’t you see it?

Lebanon, Iran, fight, Satan, brotherly blood, instigation

The people of Lebanon are fighting among themselves. The people of Iran are fighting among themselves, and many, many other nations are fighting for the cause of Satan, and do not think it is for your own good. Where brotherly blood is shed, it is at the instigation of Satan.

Satan's laws, evil, kill, stupefy, murder, burn, steal, break down, fall, drugs, destroy, abortion

Satan’s laws are the actions of evil: kill as much as possible, stupefy human minds, murder, burn and steal, break down the nation and fall, allow youth to be drugged, destroy the conceived life in the womb. This is what the evil spirit tells you, and you stick to it.

God, Holy Gospel

Remember, only in God and on the basis of the Holy Gospel can you lift yourself from a pool of mud in which Satan has trodden you with his hooves.

Judgment Day, sackcloth, distinctive signs, dirt, sin

If you had known and understood the day of God’s Great Judgment, you would have been apologizing to the Most Holy God in the sackcloth and with ashes on your head. I repeat to you: this day will come suddenly like a thief, because you do not want to understand the distinctive signs. You prefer to enjoy the fun and dirt of this life. And there’s dirt and sin everywhere.

wickedness, evil hearts, cruel torments, drugs, alcohol, holy, chaste

The end of wickedness and mud is near. Evil hearts will lie in the mud in which they were, they will be lost in cruel torments sought out by their father, Satan-the devil. My children, have you seen, in any century, young people take drugs and get drunk with alcohol to such a degree? And these young people should be holy and chaste. Its fall is the work of Satan, the devil.

broken, drunken families, murder, promiscuity, drunkenness, prostitution, fall, constant change of partner, dog life

Has any century so far seen so many broken and drunken families as they are today? Satan the devil gave the woman and man the same qualities: murder, promiscuity, drunkenness, prostitution, fall, constant change of partner, life similar to animal life. I will tell you clearly, to dog life, because only these creatures live so shamefully.

old women, gray hair, dignity, the Blessed Mother

Old women paint their faces and dye their gray hair. Old women wear pants. Where is the dignity of a mother, a true woman of God? Did the Blessed Mother wear pants? How insulting this dress is for older women.

falsehood, hypocrisy, crime, greed, lust,  power, education, quarrel, anxiety, fear, hatred, cruelty, free thinkers

A man who considers himself civilized hides falsehood, hypocrisy, crime, greed, and the lust for power under the mask of education. These qualities are acquired from the evil spirit. Satan discreetly incites people, burns people to quarrel with one another, that human hearts would be full of anxiety, fear, that hatred and cruelty would grow in these hearts. It is a vice of this alleged civilization, this alleged honesty that is proclaimed by new currents of free thinkers.

earth, bread, fruits, laziness, work

The earth obeys man, produces to its fullest, gives bread, does not limit its fruits to anyone. When a man does not live in laziness and works as God the Father said, the earth obediently fulfills the will of man.

humanity, madmen, war, ashes, destruction, death

Humanity, or actually a few madmen, wants to throw the whole world into a new war. Only this war will bring the world ashes, destruction of everything they have on all the earth, death to all the nations of the world.

evil spirit, good, fruits, the Holy Spirit, salvation, soul, love, brightness, order, accuracy

Remember, my children, when you say to yourselves that „I am nervous and that’s why I behave so badly, I argue, I invent, I am waging a robbery”, this is the evil spirit at work in your hearts, these are its fruits. Because evil breeds evil, and good breeds only good. You will know by the fruits whether the tree is good or bad. Remember that whatever comes from the Holy Spirit is for the salvation of the soul, it pours out love, brightness, great order, accuracy.

wrath, trap, judgment, break, crush, stubbornness, persistence, sin

Oh, no! I will come unexpectedly, like lightning. Suddenly, the fire of God’s wrath will burn on all sides. There will be no time to run away, to justify yourselves. The trap of God’s Judgment will catch you as soon as the typhoon knocks down trees. It will break your bones like matches, it will crush you, and hurt you for your stubbornness and persistence in sin.

sin, water, flood, fire, coming, sky, retribution, noise, wind, trumpet

I washed away your fathers’ sin with water. Everything was immersed in water for ages. You say: there was a flood, today I will burn your sins with fire before My coming. The sky, the stars will crumble under the pressure of the fire. There will be a day of retribution in noise and wind, in a trumpet and in fire.

commandment, love, money, prosperity, car, television, comfort, laziness, indifference, disregard

Remember, the most important commandment is love: you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength. Listen to the gradation of this most important commandment of God. You will love God with all your heart. What does your heart actually love? Money, prosperity, your car, television, comfort, laziness, indifference, disregard for God’s matters.

love, neighbor, murder, unborn children, blood, horror, condemnation

And do you love your neighbor as you love yourself? If you did, you would not murder, as you are doing now, you kill everywhere, all, unborn children in the womb, whose blood creates an ocean of horror and condemnation for those who commit these crimes.

nudism, natural family, conscious family, conscious motherhood, crime, infanticide, fratricide, false theories, lies

Satan uses terms such as nudism, natural family, conscious family, conscious motherhood. It is a deliberate crime, infanticide in the womb, a conscious fratricide crime in the name of false theories, Satan’s lies, in the name of evil.

nudists, naturalists, sin, scandal, debauchery, laxity, blasphemy, adolescents, children, families, depraved, mother, father, drug addicts,  children

There are cities, indeed, whole islands populated with nudists who say they are naturalists and spread great sin and scandal. If women wear clothes, they’re such that they scandalize men. Debauchery, laxity, and blasphemy of words and deeds extend to adolescents, even children. Whole families are depraved. Mother, father, drug addicts, and children go their shameful path.

woman, dignity, God-fearing children, large family, whims, selfish, depraved

What used to be joy and pride for a woman, her dignified and God-fearing children, a large family – now the devil has put it in a different order: one child brought up, or actually entrusted only to itself. Its whims and bad whims are satisfied, it is always under the influence of an evil spirit. Such a child becomes selfish, usually depraved.

mothers, criminals, marital knots, brothel, infidelity, divorce, torment, spouse

Mothers-criminals changed the sacred marital knots into the life of brothel residents. A crime creates a chain of crimes: marital infidelities, divorces, numerous torments of the family and children. If any of the spouses is still righteous, their heart is crushed by the spouse. This is the world today.

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